Hear what our students and parents have to say:


Randye, I still remember our first meeting eight years ago when you said, "College is not a prize to be won but a match to be made." Like us, most families probably come to you with their wish list, but you quickly taught us there is an art to finding the right fit. Thanks to you, that happened for our two daughters three times, and we are embarking on our fourth journey with you. Both girls were accepted to their first-choice colleges, Furman and Davidson, but actually got into every college to which they applied. Not only were they great schools but perfectly fit each girl. So when it came time for my Furman grad to apply to Masters programs for Occupational Therapy, we naturally turned to you. The success continues as she will be attending her first-choice program in the fall. Round four you will be guiding my soon-to-be Davidson grad into her first-choice Masters in Mechanical Engineering. You have truly been a blessing to our family, and that is why I am so excited to refer you to our friends. You are the gift that keeps giving.

You have given our children wonderful opportunities for a successful future.  We will continue to recommend you to our closest friends not only because of your results, but because of what you provide emotionally, educationally, and from your heart to those around you.  We are blessed to have you part of our family’s life! 

Lauren, accepted Emory University Adam, accepted University of Michigan, University of Florida Medical School, University of Michigan Dermatology Residency Danielle, accepted Harvard University

Who else but you would sit with me for five hours before I submitted Princeton?

Accepted Princeton University (first choice), Duke University, Vanderbilt University

It is without question that the best gift we gave our son this year was the expertise of Randye Falk. Her knowledge of the entire college application process as well as her ability to smooth the pathway, lessen the anxiety, and impart organizational and essay writing skills were invaluable. The success of Randye's guidance can be witnessed by his many college acceptances and a scholarship. As parents, we sincerely appreciated how she kept our son on track and the ongoing motivation and support she gave him and, sometimes more importantly, us. Thank you, Randye, for helping every step along the way!

My daughter shared her essays with me last night. You have a gift in helping draw out hidden qualities that even I didn't know about my own daughter. EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE. Thank You. Accepted Early decision, Southern Methodist University

My wife and I were referred to Randye and to put it in simple terms: "She is awesome." We have three sons and used her comprehensive service for each of our son's college application process and her help in selecting universities. Our oldest son attended Miami of Ohio University, a public Ivy, which was a perfect fit. After graduating, he insisted on working with Randye when he decided to apply to law schools and was accepted to every law school with Randye's guidance. Randye assisted our second son in obtaining a scholarship to play Division I lacrosse at the University of Delaware. Finally, our youngest son is presently attending Tulane University. Randye has a gift in being able to get teenagers to focus on details, to learn about themselves, and to be forward looking. We consider her part of our family.

Last night when our daughter came home, I told her that I was so glad we hired you.  She replied, “Oh my gosh, Mom, I do not know how we would have done this without Randye.”  I feel the same way.  Thanks for your commitment and hard work. 

Randye, thanks for everything. Besides helping him on college applications, you helped him become a better writer, and a more forward thinker. The change in him this semester is amazing. Much more self disciplined, focused, organized and his grades are very good.


I wanted to thank you for all your help over the past year for helping to guide me towards this choice. I really appreciate all you have done for me and all the hours you spent helping me with applications, writing essays, and discussing my options with me. I feel that without you this door would have never opened and for that I am very thankful.