Comprehensive College Package

Education Edge Consulting Services provides a comprehensive set of services to guide and advise students through entire college admissions process.

Complimentary Introductory Meeting

During this 60 minute Meet and Greet, I will discuss the college process in depth, introducing you to a new educational language and a sample trip through the college world. This is an hour to bring your questions.

Comprehensive College Package

The majority of Education Edge Consulting clients select the comprehensive set of services which guide and advise high school students through the entire college admissions process.

High School Advising

  • Unlimited one-on-one meetings with student and families
  • Review of academic record and ongoing review of academic progress
  • Advice on course selection throughout high school
  • Recommendations on summer activities
  • Focus on maximizing high school opportunities for college preparation
  • Recommendations and development of extracurricular plan
  • Standardized test (SAT, ACT, SAT II) scheduling/planning
  • Initial organizational document for 9 th and 10 th grade students (Out-of-the-Classroom Activity Log)

College Advising

  • In-depth questionnaires/surveys/interview on college preferences (student and parents)
  • Preparation of application friendly resume included with and/or used with college applications
  • In servicing students and families on GuidedPath, cloud-based college program
  • Preparation of a selected list of colleges uniquely fit to the student (including options for "foundation, target and reach or dream" colleges)
  • Assessment of college preferences
  • Refinement of choices using specialized college guidance tools

Applying to College

  • Explanation and determination of Early Action/Restricted Early Action/Early Decision options
  • Guidance on maximizing college visits and college fairs. Understanding importance of demonstrated interest at certain colleges.
  • Guidance on teacher and counselor recommendation
  • Oversight and guidance of all applications including deadlines and requirements
  • Review and advice on student-prepared applications
  • Assistance with application submission
  • Extensive essay preparation support:
    • Required College Essay Writing Workshop for all rising seniors
    • Individual brainstorming sessions to help student select topics
    • Refine topic; provide direction; continual essay conferencing and support for personal essays, school specific essay
    • Edit to ensure essay meets the application goals but retains student's voice and perspective
  • To Do Follow Up with students after meetings
  • Meeting reminders texted to student and parent phones
  • Recommend tutors and additional support depending on student needs
  • College admissions interview and alumni interview preparation and practice
  • Advice on making a final choice once acceptances are received if requested (College comparison worksheets provided and office meetings scheduled.)

College Essay Writing Package

This package provides extensive essay support including:

  • Required College Essay Writing Workshop for all rising seniors
  • Individual brainstorming sessions to help student select topics
  • Refining topic; providing direction; reviewing all essays
  • Editing to ensure essay meets the application goals but retains student’s voice and perspective
  • Ensuring that the student’s voice and writing style are consistent in all essays
  • Reviewing student writing samples (Student writing samples must be brought to first meeting.)
  • Providing resume template to be used with college applications

Description of College Essay Writing Workshop

This three hour interactive workshop is offered in late May or early June at the end of junior year and is scheduled just as students become rising seniors. As part of the workshop students view a power point presentation entitled Writing the College Essay. They receive materials about college essays to take home.  A private essay brainstorming session with each student is scheduled for days immediately following the workshop.

This workshop teaches the student the following:

  • The goal of the college essay
  • How to write a college essay
  • How to distinguish yourself in the college essay
  • What admissions officers look for in the college essay

This package includes:

  • All essays for 10 applications including the common application and its supplements, coalition application, private colleges not on the common application, Florida state universities and colleges, out-of-state public and private universities and colleges.
  • This package does not include scholarship essays.
  • Scholarship essays would fall under Consulting By The Hour services.

Consultation Services

  • Education Edge Consulting Services is available for hourly consultation to provide information and answer questions about the college application process, to provide college suggestions, application review, essay review, interview preparation and to "just make sure you are on track."