Graduate & Professional Consulting Services

Medical School Consulting

Education Edge Consulting Services provides a comprehensive set of services to guide and advise the student through the medical school application process beginning as early as freshman year in college.

Getting Ready to Apply to Medical School

  • Discuss possible major and pre-med requirements
  • Discuss timeline for application/admission to medical school.
  • Review of and suggestions for courses taken each college year.
  • Evaluate yearly personalized transcript and college experience.
  • Discuss research project, physician shadowing and/or clinical experience, appropriate ongoing community service, summer activities and plans as related to medical school timeline. These are ongoing throughout the student s college years. Suggestions from consultant in areas where needed.
  • The MCAT - Coaching suggestions including when to take the test, prep suggestions, college course load when prepping.
  • Provide suggested readings and essential websites.

Applying to Medical School

  • Medical School Application List Assist applicant in creating a list tailored to the applicant s strengths, location and competitiveness.
  • Provide medical school assessment form for applicant.
  • Essays Teach the applicant how to write the personal statement and all secondary essays that will show the unique strengths of the applicant. Editing of all essays included.
  • Organizational tools Provide tools that promote timely submission of an excellent, complete application.
  • Interview preparation - Provide interview coaching including: how to answer interview questions, discuss likely questions, conduct mock interview and discuss applicant s presentation.

Graduate & Law School Consulting Package

  • Candidacy Assessment. Together we evaluate candidacy determining strengths, weaknesses, and how to put best foot forward.
  • Candidacy Building and Resume. If your resume lacks requisite experience for your program, I assist in strengthening the existing elements of your candidacy by suggesting internships, planning a relevant yet enjoyable Gap Year, helping with selection of adult education classes, post-bac programs, and identifying extracurricular and leadership activities that will set you apart from the rest of the pack. Graduate resumes are different than job resumes. I make sure you have the correct resume for the program to which you are applying.
  • School Selection. Although most students applying to graduate programs come to me with their list of schools, I help determine which schools you should apply to and which ones may not be the best fit.
  • Comprehensive Brainstorming Sessions and Professional Editing of your work. I work closely to assist you in developing strong ideas for your personal statement and any other creative application materials. I edit all drafts of your personal statement.
  • Recommendation Strategy. I ensure that you choose the right recommenders and give them focused talking points to highlight your most important attributes and accomplishments. Many want a copy of your personal statement or the thread of your statement.
  • Application Review & Advice
  • Mock Interviewing. Not all programs offer interviews. However, the interview can be very important in determining not only your admission but also your likely fit within the program. I help you develop questions and responses to improve your chances of success in graduate school

Personal Statement for Graduate & Professional School Applications

  • Comprehensive Brainstorming Sessions At least one long office meeting. More whenever possible depending on your location. Then work remotely by phone, by FaceTime, by email, by text to assist student. Fee includes all brainstorming, editing all drafts, all meetings, all remote work. This package includes any additional application essays.
  • Professional Editing of Written Work.
  • Can be purchased as stand alone service.

Consulting Services by the hour

  • Available for interview preparation, application review or general questions. (Personal statement and essays excluded)